Anne Mustoe: Lone Traveller:One Woman, Two Wheels and The World

You don't have to be twenty, male and an ace mechanic to set out on a great journey. I've cycled round the world twice now. I'm not young, I'm not sporty, I never train and I still can't tell a sprocket from a chainring or mend a puncture.

So speaks Anne Mustoe in the opening  of Lone Traveller:One Woman, Two Wheels and The World.

Anne Mustoe started cycling when she was in the 60s. She writes: I left London one afternoon in May. I was not a cyclist but full of uncertainty.

She returned to London until 15 months later. Then she had cycled around the world!

She has written several books about his cycling adventures around the world.

Josie Dew has written some 20 books about her bike trips around the world. Here are some interesting titles:

Long Cloud Ride is about Nya Zealand.

Slow Coast Home: 5,000 Miles Around the Shores of England and Wales

The Sun in My Eyes: Two-Wheeling East, om Japan

Roff Smith is an American journalist who decides to settle in Australia, but in order to satisfy himself that he made the right choice he decides to cycle around the continent. The journey is described in the book:

Cold Beer and Crocodiles – A Bicycle Journey into Australia.

Marcus Haraldsson: En linje över Kina (Swedish)

 År 1999 gjorde Marcus Haraldsson, som ung äventyrslysten student, en cykeltur tvärs över Kina från det tibetanska höglandets vidder till Hongkongs skyskrapor. När han sju år senare som kinabaserad journalist gör om exakt samma cykeltur har han med sig hundratals fotografier och adresser till människor han träffade på den första resan.

Barbara och Larry Savage from the U.S. visited 25 countries over two years. They traveled the 37000 km. The adventure led to Barbara Savage writing the book:

Miles from Nowhere – A round the world bicycle adventure

(Barbara Savage was killed as a result of head injuries she incurred in an accident during training on her bike before a triathlon race shortly before the publication of the book.)

I have not read, but had been recommended to read Dervla Murphy’s book:

Silverland: A Winter Journey Beyond the Urals

Från Amazon: "Silverland" charts Dervla Murphy's extraordinary expedition through the snowscapes of far Eastern Russia. No stranger to adventure, the intrepid septuagenarian's mid-winter journey takes her beyond Siberia to the furthest corners of Russia - areas proximate to Japan, Mongolia and the Arctic Circle. Here, she discovers a strange world of lynx and elks, indigenous tribes and shamanism, reindeer broth and taiga-berry pie.”

Dervla Murphy have also written:

Full Tilt: From Dublin to Delhi with a Bicycle

Bicycling Cuba av Wally & Barbara Smith provides an excellent guidance for those who want to bicycle in Cuba. The subtitle is: 50 Days of Detailed Rides from Havana to Pinar del Rio and Oriente.

Lonely Planet has updated a number of titles in their Cycling Guides series.

They are released in 2009 and will be available for following countries:

France, Britain, Italy, New Zealand. Australia.

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